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more art 4 u

Susan Scott
Tim Gatto
Heather Wilcoxon
Patrick Carpenter
Karyn Yandow


Not only is  the Little Big Draw live event Wednesday the 14 (aka tomorrow), we have even more art for you from talented local artists. A group show will be up through the end of December, ever changing, since as art is bought or traded new art goes up. There’s some work here even other artists can afford. Tim Gatto, Carina Johnson, Phil Aro,  Michelle Cernuto, Paul Mavrides, Susan DeGregorio, Patrick Carpenter, Karen Dunn, Simone Simon, Lisa Mendelson,Susan Scott, Heather Wilcoxon, Nin Nguyen, Nicole Hayden, Michael McConnell, Karyn Yandow, Krishna Bhat, Dustin Turner, Ann Phelan, Jacob Rimler, CP-37, Leslie Straw and more.

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